Dear Colleagues,

Greetings! I have the distinct honor of welcoming you to the inauguration of our new post-professional physical therapy continuing education, Residency and Fellowship program named “Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy”. Appropriately named, “Nxt Gen” has the “Vision” to move the Physical Therapy profession forward by influencing the culture of the Physical Therapy community with novel post-professional educational opportunities that result in Physical Therapists delivering distinguishably optimal physical therapy care and patient advocacy.

Nxt Gen’s “Mission” is patient-centered and made unique by our programmatic focus on optimizing Physical Therapy care with educational products that are all designed to foster the highest levels of practitioner critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Woven throughout all of our products are introspective, cognitive and meta-cognitive educational processes; whereby, learners go beyond the traditional acquisition of subject-matter expertise to gain new found relevance in functioning as true autonomous practitioners who advocate with physical therapy’s unique body of knowledge utilizing the highest levels of critical thinking and clinical reasoning. I invite you to visit our website to view our clinical education products.

We have designed our programs and courses to allow you the flexibility to study within the evolving healthcare environment.

Robert E DuVall, PT, DHSc, MMSc, ATC, CSCS
President and Co-founder of Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy

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