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The Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy has teamed up with the Eclectic Approach to TMD to present a modern manual therapy certification focusing on the evaluation and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction.

There is a lack of knowledge in the screening and treatment of this condition which may be affecting many of your upper quarter patients, especially those with concurrent headaches and/or cervical dysfunction. The Eclectic Approach uses movement screening via a modified Movement Screen as well as a Repeated Motions Exam to help classify the patient and find relevant movement and motor control issues.

This program places a strong emphasis on modern Pain Science Education and home exercises is used to make the patient independent of passive care. Manual therapy uses The EDGE Tool for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation or IASTM, as well as joint mobilization for the upper cervical spine and TMJ, function mobilization, and thrust manipulation of the cervical and upper thoracic regions.

Program Details:

Target Audience: Physical Therapists

Application Deadline:

This program has a rolling start and you may begin with online courses until next onsite course offered (at least once a year)


Must hold a state license to practice physical therapy

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  • Hybrid Program

    Watch several hours of online, didactic lectures, take quizzes and then come onsite for integration laboratory (next scheduled: TBA 2017)

  • Serve a Niche Market

    Become one of the few true specialists who are able to manage complex cranio/mandibular disorders

  • Learn Marketing Strategies for TMD

    Not only learn improved strategies in assessment & treatment, but also learn concepts for marketing your newly developed skills

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