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“Building on the foundations of specialty board-certified knowledge, our fellowship strives to achieve mastery of manipulating the human movement system…”

We believe that fellowship should be much more than the mere application of needles and manipulation.  We believe in the development of content experts, professional leaders and clinical masters, that are truly able to positively affect outcomes by altering the human movement system.

Why Choose Nxt Gen’s Program?  

We offer the only accredited, multi-site manual therapy fellowship that is dedicated in developing a Teacher, Leader and Master Clinician based around the concept of manipulating the Human Movement System.  As a graduate of our program, you will not only be a respected leader in Manual Therapy, but also an integral part in advancing the entire physical therapy profession.

We offer a technologically superior experience that blends both virtual and live interactions, that allow you to participate in fellowship from virtually anywhere in the United States.   Didactically, we matriculate you through the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist (AAOMPT) curriculum which meets all aspects of APTA and IFOMPT recommendations and requirements.

What Does it Take to Complete Fellowship?  Overall, fellowship is an investment of 1,000 hours of post-graduate education. This is broken down in several components which is completed in 12-36 months. Fellowship is Portfolio Curriculum includes:

1. Classroom x 200 hours

2. MT Lab x 160 hours (100 spinal and 60 peripheral)

3. Supervised Mentorship to include a minimum of 130 hours of direct 1:1 mentorship in addition to 310 hours of supervised mentorship (email, facetime, skype, phone, etc.)

4. Documented Manual Therapy Clinical Practice x 200 hours (manual therapy related electives, research, community promotion, etc.).

Note: You must also complete a formal application at RFPTCAS to be accepted into this program.  Choose “Nxt Gen Institute of PT”

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Program Details:

Target Audience: Physical Therapists

Application Deadline:  This program has a rolling admission.  You must complete application through RFPTCAS.

Prerequisites:  Must hold a state license to practice physical therapy; Must hold an OCS or hold a portfolio that shows proficient knowledge in a specialty area; Must be an APTA member in good standing; Must hold professional liability insurance


Human Movement System

Our Fellowship is built around the idea that we should achieve mastery knowledge of how to interact and alter the human movement system.   Not simply understanding technique, but instead how each technique may influence and improve how human’s move, is the core foundation of our program.   Yes, we teach interventions (as do our competitors)…our program simply takes it to the nxt level.

Hybrid Learning

Our blend of onsite and online content allows you to continue to work while undertaking rigorous, manual therapy training

Become Faculty

Unlike other programs, you will immediately become a faculty member at the Nxt Gen Institute of PT when you enroll in our manual therapy fellowship


We blend the COMT curriculum into our fellowship program to ensure you get the most well-rounded manual therapy education in the market. Our program will graduate you with COMT, FAAOMPT credentials.

ABPTRFE 10-Year Accreditation

Our accreditation has been recently extended for 10 years with the highest marks for innovation and organization.


1. How many years has Nxt Gen offered a Fellowship in Manual Therapy?  

Nxt Gen currently holds an ABPTRFE 10-Year Accreditation.  Our accreditation has been recently extended for 10 years with the highest marks for innovation and organization.
Our program was originally known as  “Sports Medicine of Atlanta Manual Therapy Fellowship” which was the 9th OMT Fellowship to be accredited in the US.
2. What are the Sub-specialty areas?
Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship is a sub-speciality all by itself. Fellowship by definition is a subspecialty and the one we offer is in manual therapy. As for unique attributes that distinguish our program from others is Dr DuVall’s medical screening for direct access emphasis. Our program also includes the most up to date education and blend of pain neuroscience education, neurodynamics education, etc.
3. Is there an outline of the coursework?  
Yes upon request
4. What is the duration of the online classes and how often are the weekend “Live” classes?
Live Lab
4 weekend COMT courses at WVU year 1
4 weekend COMT courses at WVU year 2
Lab component for Dr DuValls 3 core courses are covered over 1 intensive weekend
4 online intensive courses covering Medical Screening, Direct Access Care, UE and LE biomechanics
5.  Some programs offer The Certificate of OMPT.  A graduate of Nxt Gen has the credentials of COMT, FAAOMPT.  What does this mean?
The Certification of Orthopedic Manual Therapy meets the 160 hours required by AAOMPT and IFOMPT for Lab, 100 spine, 60 peripheral
6. How is the mentor-ship managed?  Am I required to spend a number of hours in a clinic in Georgia?  
Quick answer, No.  75 hours of 1:1 mentorship can be completed with the mentors from the COMT curriculum in WVU (no more than 20 can be you observing mentor).
55 1:1 hours are completed with Dr. DuVall in Snellville GA at Sports Medicine of Atlanta
Both WV and GA do not require a seperate state license if enrolled in fellowship

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