NPTE Practice Exams


As a new DPT graduate, one the most important milestones to achieve is passing the NPTE exam.  At the Nxt Gen Institute, we are very excited to offer you the ability to enroll for two practice exams.   These exams are designed to help you through your journey by providing you questions very similiar to what you may encounter on the NPTE.

Exam 1:  NPTE Learning Exam – This exam provides the learner with immediate feedback on right/wrong per question.

Exam 2: NPTE Practice Exam – This exam provides the learner an experience very similiar to the NPTE.  This exam is timed and you will have 5 hours to complete.

Exam Details

Target Audience: Anyone preparing for the NPTE

Application Deadline:  You may enroll and purchase one or both of the exams at any point.  It will take approximately 24-48 hours before you will gain access to the exam.   You will gain 1-month access to the exam from the time you are enrolled.

Platform:  Our program is built upon Microsoft and LMS365.  You will gain full access to the platform during the purchase month.

Extras:  Considering Orthopedic Residency after graduation?  We have included sample modules to allow you better see if Residency workload post-exam.

Questions:  Email any questions to [email protected]

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